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Do you have a parent who’s just gone into long-term care or will need to go into long-term care in the very near future? Did you know that if they don’t qualify for state funding you can set up an annuity from a lump sum to pay for that care? 
A long-term care annuity gives you peace of mind that care home fees will be covered for as long as they’re needed. You don’t have to worry about money running out and no longer being able to pay for the care home fees or having to move your parent to a cheaper care home. 
What’s more, because the annuity is paid direct to the care home it’s not subject to tax and it won’t  
affect any allowances that your parent may be receiving. 
We’re specialists in long-term care annuities. We can talk you through how they work and advise you on every aspect, including adding a premium to protect against inflation or early death. 
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Why choose a long-term care plan? A long-term care annuity has several benefits: 

Peace of mind 
Direct payments to the care home 
Tax free 
Allowances unaffected 
Not assessed as part of parent’s assets 
Reduces inheritance tax liability 


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