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If you’re approaching your retirement or are thinking about semi-retirement, you’ll need to start considering your pension options. 
It can be very confusing. Many people think that an annuity is their only option and that they’re locked into buying one from their pension provider. This isn’t the case. You can shop around for an annuity provider and there are lots of different annuities to choose from including enhanced annuities, investment-linked annuities and joint-life annuities. 
An alternative to an annuity is income drawdown, where you stay invested while taking an income from your pension. You also have the option of combining an annuity with income drawdown. 
Each option has its pros and cons, which is why it’s useful to talk to a company like ours. In helping you decide, we’ll take into account your investment risk level, capacity for loss, your health, flexibility required, who’s depending on your income and whether you want to leave an inheritance. We’ll talk you through the advantages and disadvantages of both an annuity and income drawdown so you get a clear understanding of how they work and which one is best for you. 
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Quick guide to income drawdown... 

A regular income while retaining your investment 
Flexibility to change income level 
Fund value can go up or down 
Pension can be passed to beneficiaries 
On death, money left in pension can go to spouse 

Quick guide to annuities... 

A regular income in return for a lump sum 
Level of income is fixed 
No investment required 
Annuity isn’t passed to beneficiaries 
On death, spouse will only receive a percentage of your money 


Just a quick note to say thanks for sorting out my pension requirements. As an Ex-IFA, I know the importance of planning for retirement, but whilst setting up my business, I've put this on the back burner for a while. 
Also, as an Ex-IFA, I know the amount of the paperwork and compliance issues required to ensure that the application progresses swiftly. I'm glad to say, that's now your headache and no longer mine and you've dealt with it expeditiously and without problem. 
I was very happy also with you fund selection that you've made for me taking in to account mine and my wife's attitude to risk. 
Thanks again for making this important and sometimes complicated job go through without any issues. 
Mr Nicholls Milton Keynes 
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